Corporate Social Responsibility

Doo Prime is committed to strengthening its dedication to CSR, sustainable development, and being a stellar example in the industry.

3 Pillars of Focus

In the process of economic globalization, Doo Prime walks side by side with all sectors and is determined to be a responsible international company.

People Orientated

We believe that employees and clients are the driving force for development, and we are committed to developing a win-win situation.

Sustainable Development

Supporting global financial markets and sustainable social development

Business Operations

Comprehensive and rigorous corporate norms carry a catalytic effect on business operations

Implementation Strategy

Doo Prime plays an important role in the financial industry, complying with disclosure requirements and standards of conduct to become an excellent model.

Planning Policy

Doo Prime’s CSR goals and strategies are on par with the industry standard, and we strive to consolidate our position as a leading global brokerage service provider.

Stakeholder Communication

In-depth exchanges with relevant interest groups are done to build mutual trust and support, as these will help long-term implementation of CSR strategies.

Governance Structure

Doo Prime has excellent CSR supervision. The board of directors and colleagues from various departments will divide the work and implement it to ensure that social responsibilities are conscientiously fulfilled.

Crucial Analysis

Review the most important sustainable development issues, and continuously make improvements. This brings greater substantive impact on enterprises and society.

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