FOLLOWME S12 Trading Contest Comes to a Competitive Close – Doo Prime Trader Achieves Over 1530% Return!

The FOLLOWME S12 trading competition concluded with great success, bringing together a diverse and highly skilled group of Doo Prime participants. With this event and collaboration, Doo Prime aimed to provide a platform for investors to share trading experiences and refine their techniques. As the proud diamond sponsor of the event, Doo Prime supported the participants throughout the three-month journey, witnessing impressive achievements and substantial gains.

Moving forward, Doo Prime is committed to further collaboration with FOLLOWME, offering investors enhanced opportunities for communication and a platform for fruitful exchanges.

FOLLOWME S12 Concludes with Doo Prime Traders Dominating the Overall Rankings

The highly competitive FOLLOWME S12 trading competition witnessed intense rivalry among top traders across three categories: Micro Group, Large Group, and Random Group. Doo Prime traders achieved outstanding results and substantial profits in this event. As of June 20th 2023, the Heavyweights category of the FOLLOWME S12 trading competition saw 748 accounts closing their positions, with Doo Prime traders comprising 51 accounts and boasting an impressive profit rate of 92.16%!

In addition, 10 Doo Prime traders secured positions within the top 50 across all categories. Trader @薅羊毛大神 claimed the third-place spot in the Random Group, amassing a net profit of over USD 9,342.95 with exceptional trading strategies. Meanwhile, trader @认真搞 showcased a keen eye and remarkable expertise, ranking sixth in the Random Group with an impressive profit rate of 89.02% in the overall standings.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the exceptional Doo Prime traders who have delivered outstanding trading performances. Their exceptional trading skills and strategies are a sight to behold and provided valuable insights into advanced trading techniques.

Gathering Top-notch Traders, Competing for Extraordinary Profits

The competition brought together a remarkable lineup of traders, and among them @手表哥 stood out as the most exceptional participant. He has already secured two championship titles in the FOLLOWME trading contest. In the FOLLOWME S12 competition, @手表哥 entered with a substantial USD 253,424 and skillfully capitalized on the upward trend, securing an impressive profit of USD 78,685 upon closing positions, claiming the first-place spot in the Doo Prime top equity category. Following closely behind was @金蚁操盘, a skilled trader known for shorting gold, who earned a remarkable profit of USD 56,044, more than doubling his initial capital. Not to be outdone, @随风潜入夜夜 confidently claimed the third-place position, starting with a mere USD 182 and multiplying it by an astounding 153 times to achieve a high profit of USD 27,964.

June Monthly Ranking Battle: Unleashing Full Force to Seize the Top 3 Spots

Spanning three months, the latest competition featured Doo Prime as the diamond sponsor of the FOLLOWME S12 trading competition, offering additional rewards to the top three performers in the monthly rankings. These elite traders had the chance to share a bonus exceeding USD 500 for the respective month.

Congratulations to trader @低调走红 for securing the championship title in the June Monthly Ranking with an impressive profit rate of 160.49%. Trader @tikorn claimed the second position with a low drawdown and an outstanding net profit of USD 31,006.99. Taking the third-place spot was trader @薅羊毛大神, who achieved a remarkable net profit of USD 16,503.17. Their exceptional performances earned them well-deserved extra rewards in the Monthly Ranking Battle!


Embarking on a Journey Towards New Investment Horizons

The FOLLOWME S12 trading competition has come to a successful conclusion, with participants showcasing unique trading strategies and exceptional operational skills. As the diamond sponsor of the FOLLOWME S12 trading competition, Doo Prime has always upheld its original intention of gathering outstanding global investors to exchange ideas, share real-life experiences, provide a platform for aspiring traders to showcase their talents, and collectively create a favorable trading environment. Our aim is to lead the optimization of the industry’s development, convey positive reputation and influence, and foster a more favorable investment atmosphere.

While this season’s competition may have ended, it represents just the beginning of investors’ trading journeys, as new opportunities and challenges arise in response to evolving macroeconomic conditions. Doo Prime is dedicated to supporting every investor, fostering progress, and embarking together on the next exciting venture. Going forward, Doo Prime will continue to deliver professional, high-quality services to our global clients, ensuring the protection of your investment dreams and striving towards their realization.

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